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Facebook changes news feed again; may have huge impact for marketers

Just when Facebook was starting to make things easier for marketers to get their content seen on people’s news feeds they’re changing the algorithm again.

A blog post from earlier today announced changes to the news feed that are on the way, and it’s pretty clear they could have huge implications for marketers. The changes are:

  1. Multiple posts from the same publisher will now be allowed one after another if the user doesn’t have much other content.
  2. Content posted directly by “friends you care about, such as photos, videos, status updates or links” will be higher up in News Feed. They also say, “If you like to read news or interact with posts from pages you care about, you will still see that content in News Feed.”
  3. Stories about people’s friends liking or commenting on a post will appear lower down in news feed or not at all.

The first change shouldn’t impact too many marketers significantly since most Facebook users have enough content to fill their timelines, although it may give a slight boost to those who post frequently.The second two, however, sound like they will make it much harder for marketers to get into your news feed.

Facebook has always had a struggle to make the news feed interesting enough that users still want to go to the site, while at the same time incorporating enough paid and marketing content that they turn a profit. Only time will tell for sure what these changes will mean, but it does sound like getting content into people’s news feeds will be much harder before too long. Which might make news feeds more interesting for users, but will almost certainly result in more revenue for Facebook as companies realize it is easier to just pay for sponsored posts that force their way into the news feed.

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