Google+ ‘Circles’ its killer new feature?

Google+ CirclesAside from a cleaner interface with no games and ads, the differences between Facebook and Google+ are not all that significant. Except for Google’s ‘circles’.

Google+ is set up so that when you add ‘friends’ you also assign them to one or more ‘circles’. That means you can categorize people into friends, family, colleagues, people you don’t know but still want to follow and so on.

It’s a mildly handy feature, until you want to post something that you don’t want everyone to see. Some of the most obvious applications:

  • teachers who want to be friends with their students but keep their private life quiet
  • coaches who are friends with the kids they coach but who also want to keep their private life seperate
  • kids (or adults) who want to post items for their friends to see but not their parents
  • anyone who wants to converse with their colleagues from work, but not share everything with them

These are just a few of the ways this great feature could be the ‘killer’ feature that catapults Google+ into the mainstream very quickly.

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