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Why I chose HootSuite for my social media work.

HootSuite Certified Professional Feature with Brian MulawkaHootSuite University recently posted a ‘Featured Certified Professional’ article where they talked to me about my experiences using their platform and going through their certification program. You can read the full item here, but since then a number of people have asked me why I chose HootSuite over other platforms in the first place.

I both monitor social media and create and publish social media content for my clients, and quite simply I’ve never found another platform that allows me to do so much all in one place.

And to be completely honest, price is another huge factor. The free version of HootSuite is incredibly powerful, and for just $9.99 the pro version has most of the features I use. The only other costs are for custom analytics, but I’ll come back to that. So basically you’re looking at a free or almost free social media dashboard where you can monitor all your social media in one place.

Key benefits of HootSuite

Here are a few more of the key features that sold me:

  1. New apps allow for streams to monitor Google+, Flickr, YouTube, Foursquare, Reddit,  and even RSS feeds. That means not having to jump around from place to place to monitor social media across platforms – and the app directory keeps growing so there are always new apps for whatever social media tool you may want to incorporate..
  2. Building organizations and teams in the platform allows groups to work together effectively and be very nimble in responding to people.
  3. The analytics are really solid. The included statistic package gives a quick view of what is working and what isn’t, and the enhanced package, while a little pricey, delivers very sophisticated and customized reports.
  4. The publishing scheduler is very handy. Being able to line up social media in advance and see what you will be publishing at a glance is a very powerful way to ensure you are consistently putting out fresh content.
  5. The mobile apps for iPhone, iPads and Android devices mean you can take this on the road. Admittedly the Android apps still seem like they need some polish, but the mobile apps do take the streams you set up and for the most part transfer them right to your mobile devices (some apps don’t seem to carry over to mobile).

So until I find something else that combines all these powerful tool into one, and for such a ridiculously low price, I’ll be sticking with HootSuite.

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