I now understand Apple a little better (but I like it even less)

Apple: Sure hard to loveI confess to being a Windows person since ver 3.0 (1990!) but the scarcity of Windows Mobile devices (in Canada, anyway) has pushed me to consider going over to the dark side. I finally broke down and went to the only Apple store in our city (Edmonton) where the store manager told me that to buy a phone I would need to make an appointment. Though it was only 7pm they were not able to book an appointment until the next day.

So I have to ask: is this the absolute height of arrogance, or am I entirely off base? Is this really the way this company is run?

Now I’ve heard the arguments in favour of Apple products in the past, and though I disagreed with them I at least understood them. What has always made me wonder about the adulation some people show the Apple corporate machine is the disregard Apple seems to show their customers.

I’m still not sure if I’ll go back and try an iPhone, but there’s no question Apple makes themselves hard to love.

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