A fascinating post showed up on TechCrunch recently.

The article is worth a read and is actually quite thought-provoking. In short, the premise is that by trying to integrate the app mentality of phones and tablets, computers have short-changed users, resulting in “a junky experience”.

I’m not sure I agree. Looking specifically at Windows 8, there’s not question that the experience is not quite entirely ‘appified’, nor is it entirely a traditional program based experience.

When users think of ‘apps’, they are usually thinking of self-contained little programs that install and run without a whole lot of effort on the part of users. Traditionally programs have required a little more in the way of setup, but offer a lot more in the way of customization and functionality. What will be interesting in this case will be to see how players come down in terms of what they prefer.

Now all that being said, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the DRM issues that have plagued this game. Genuine intellectual property deserves to be protected. But the way that EA has abused their customer’s goodwill is yet another example of how some unethical companies try to abuse the legal system. I won’t go on my standard screed about my hatred for the poorly designed intellectual property laws that allow companies to abuse the system, but suffice it to say this is yet one more example of why intellectual property laws need to be reformed.

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