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Head First WordPress (Jeff Siarto) – A great fit for a specific audience

Summary: Very practical, in-depth guide to setting up, customizing and using WordPress blogs but does require a fair bit of background knowledge.

Head First WordPress Book ReviewHead First WordPress” by Jeff Siarto does a great job providing helpful and often very in-depth information about how to use the WordPress blogging software. To really get the most out of the book, though, you do need a fair bit of prior knowledge to go with it.

The book is presented in the light-hearted style consistent to the “Head First” series, and I’ve always enjoyed that style, especially for quite technical – and often quite boring – information. It starts by outlining the steps required to set up a blog, then gives detailed customization information and concludes with some creative suggestions on how to use your new site.

I would strongly recommend the book to anyone thinking of using a WordPress blog, or considering new uses for existing blogs, but with one caveat. There are a few spots in the book where a fair bit of technical knowledge is assumed in areas like HTML/CSS coding, web server setup and so on. If you’re willing to fill in the blanks in any areas where you might be missing some background knowledge, then this is definitely one of the best WordPress guides you’ll find.

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