2021 Fitness and Reading Challenge


If dad wins: Madden mows the lawn (including trimming and cleaning up the clippings and putting all the equipment away) all summer, every 10-14 days.

If Madden wins: Madden gets paid $250 cash money yo, to spend on whatever ridiculous garbage he wants.

Bonus Bi-Weekly Bet

Every second Sunday night at 6PM we will compare hours and the last place finisher for that two week period will give the first place finisher a 5 minute foot rub.

Week Mom Madden Dad Weekly Winner
March 15 – March 28
March 29 – April 11
April 12 – April 25
April 26 – May 9
May 10 – May 23
May 24 – June 6


Whoever has the highest number of hours at midnight of the last day of school wins.

Hours will be tracked in minimum 10 minute blocks (so 65 minutes of activity = 60, 55 minutes= 50, 8 minutes = 0 etc.). It is expected that both people will be honest at all times in the tracking of their time.

Eligible Activities

  • Any fitness activity, including the Oculus.
    • On-ice and conditioning with the Squires is included
    • Break time is not included, except for weight workouts where short breaks between sets are included.
  • Yard work, cleaning, or any other chores that involve physical activity
  • Madden only: reading
  • Dad: Courses or training

School and work activities are not eligible. Any disputes will be decided by mom and her decision is final.

End of the Year Adjustment

On Madden’s last report card, every percent his overall average goes up from his most recent report card is an hour added to his total, or if his overall average goes down an hour is added to dad’s total for each percentage lower.

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